Conversation Circles

Virtual, invite-only events designed to educate and connect professional women of influence


What are Conversation Circles?

Virtual, invite-only events designed to educate and offer exclusive access and opportunities to meet with other professional women of influence. These events typically last about 90 minutes, and we cover a lot of ground. This is an interactive discussion where everyone makes a contribution. We also want everyone to have a chance to be heard and have time to ask questions. 

What are the benefits of attending?

  • To gain a sense of camaraderie and expand your professional network
  • To slow down and practice self care on topics that matter to each of us
  • To hear from and be inspired by other women in similar positions 
  • To brainstorm solutions together on issues and find paths to self development

How do you select your guest list?

Each Circle is composed of 8-10 women. Imagine you're hosting a dinner party. You take great care to invite a small group of people you know will enjoy each other's company and perhaps take something valuable away from the conversation. We apply the same principle to our Conversation Circles. 

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Previous Topics

For Career-Engaged Women

So often we feel we have to be on "top of things" and have “control” over our what happens in our lives. During uncertainty, human behavior often becomes exaggerated and attempting to double down on the things we can “control” is one coping mechanism – which can be a blessing and a curse. What we know is that accepting that we aren't in control and leaning into uncertainty and change can be beneficial. 

Focus - what can and Cant we Control?

Ballots & Bubbles

A non-partisan overview of CA state and local issues on the November 2020 ballot. Bring a glass of bubbles, or your drink of choice! Guest speaker was Martha Miller of Platinum Advisors, a government affairs and lobbying firm, who shared commentary on the current voting landscape, walked through the various CA initiatives on the November ballot, and answered audience questions.

Ballots and Bubbles

Meet Your Hosts

Sabrina Lowell, Managing Partner, San Francisco, and lead advisor, and Sheila Schroeder, Business Development Officer, are Private Ocean's dynamic duo. In addition to numerous speaking engagements and media coverage, both are highly regarded professionals paving the way for other women to find success. As hosts of our Conversation Circles, Sabrina and Sheila are connectors, hand-selecting attendees for each event to ensure the best experience.